More Golf Swing Speed : A Quick Guide

by Mike Southern

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How far do you want to hit the ball? If you're like everybody else, your answer is "just a little farther." Then "More Golf Swing Speed" is the Quick Guide for you. It focuses on the downswing-how you load the shaft at the top of your backswing and unload it at impact. It helps you understand both how to make the correct moves and how to avoid the incorrect ones: ** "Hold" or even increase your wrist cock during the downswing ** Avoid casting from the top ** Develop maximum clubhead speed as you near impact ** Learn how Hogan's supinated wrist position works ** Create a downward strike on the ball that prevents flipping ** And more! There are no secret tricks to creating clubhead speed, and you don't need expensive training aids to create solid strikes on the ball. All you need is a clear understanding of what your club does during your downswing and how you can cooperate with it to get the most clubhead speed possible. All you need is "More Golf Swing Speed."

PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
GanreMind, Body, Spirit: Thought & Practice
Release date 24.05.2012
Pages count58
File size3.8 Mb
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