Timeshare Whisperer to the Rescue

by The Timeshare Consumer Advocacy Group

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A descriptive and enlightening journey through the ins and outs of timeshare. Learn how to eliminate maintenance fees, exchange company membership and booking fees. Learn how to sell, buy, rent or trade your timeshare. A valuable and must have tool for anyone interested in the secrets of timeshare. For the past twelve years we have been teaching the owners and would be owners of timeshare the secrets of selling, buying, renting, and bartering of a timeshare. You are about to learn how to leverage your timeshare and make a small fortune with it! Could a technique that is thousands of years old be the key to turning your timeshare into a winning lottery ticket? The following pages are whispering secrets that will guide you through the do's and don'ts of timeshare. You will soon understand why our students have such great success with their timeshare ownership, and rarely do they consider giving up that ownership. If you feel you are stuck in Timeshare level 101, after learning the tools in this book you will be ready for graduation. Frustrated or confused about what to do with your timeshare? This book gives you buying tips, selling tips, and even more importantly, it explains how to leverage a timeshare and possibly make a small fortune with it. Learn tricks of the trade from insiders and amazing facts very few people know about. Herein you will discover secrets of the timeshare industry known to very few. You will discover how to get the best use out of your timeshare ownership and put money right back into your pocket! Whether you are considering buying a timeshare, selling a timeshare, or if you just want the biggest bang for the buck out of your existing ownership, the answers are here. If you're sick and tired of maintenance fees, if you have a hard time getting the exchanges you want, and, if you want to know how to stretch your one week of ownership into three, four, or more weeks of vacation each and every year, then read on. Many think that they "have what they have" and that is it. This is so far from reality. This book explains how to leverage a timeshare! If you use only one simple tip from this book, we guarantee it will be worth many times the amount you paid for it. Isn't a great "ah-ha!" moment worth the price of a good lunch? Maintenance or H.O.A. fees from your home resort never stop. Exchange company membership and exchange fees keep adding up. Keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Use the tools available, then smile and wave goodbye to those never ending timeshare related bills. See how one family leveraged their $25,000 timeshare to a value of over $172,000 in just ten years! Even those that have owned since the '70's can learn a few tricks with this information. Seem to get your exchange requests declined more often than not? Search results never seem to come up with a match? Regardless of the system you're in, learn how to achieve greater success and get maximum results. "Knowledge is Power" Let's give you some power! Below are some of the tidbits you'll learn: 1. What is a timeshare? 2. Why own a timeshare? 3. Why sell a timeshare? 4. How to sell a timeshare. 5. What different types of timeshare are there? 6. What type of timeshare should you purchase? 7. Where should you purchase your timeshare? 8. How do you buy your timeshare right the first time? 9. What are the positives & negatives to watch out for? 10. What you should do and what you should not do. 11. Get several weeks of vacation out of a single week of ownership. 12. How do you turn your timeshare into lots of cash year after year? 13. Maybe the biggest 'a-ha!' moment of all, the one that only one person in a hundred ever figures out!

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